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This is just a basic list of some of the larger or more established events in the Cornwall calendar such as the Padstow Obby Oss (as pictured). For visitors interested in staying in the towns on the dates below, early booking is essential.

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Trevithick Day


Celebrating Cornwall's most famous inventor, Richard Trevithick and the area's industrial heritage. Trevithick Day is a great day out with a large number of traction engines, stalls and musical events, plus the steam parade.

Padstow Obby Oss


This traditional May day celebration is one of the highlights of the Cornish Calendar. The Oss (dialect for Hobby Horse) dances through the streets within a parade and there are a number of dances during throughout the day. There are two rival Osses, the Old Oss and the New Blue Ribbon Oss with the townsfolk supporting one of them. There is also a children's Oss Dance.
What was the official website is currently down.

Helston Flora Day


The most famous of the Cornish events, Helston Flora remains as popular as ever. There are 5 different dances during the day through the streets and through some houses. The dances include the popular Children's Dance and the Hal-an-Tow (at 8.30am) which in particular seems medieval in character. The Midday dance is also well known in that the men are dressed in Top Hats. See official website for details.
Flora day is usually the 8th May unless it falls on a Sunday or Monday, when it is changed to the preceding Saturday

This list of events should be used an approximate guide. If you are interested in attending any event listed, Please Check the Official Website for the event for confirmation of the location and opening times.

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