St Just

St Just in Penwith view

St Just is one mile inland from Cape Cornwall, (the only Cape in England)on the Western coast of Cornwall between Lands End and St Ives. On the top of the Cape is a chimney stack which again shows how the natural beauty of the area has combined with its industrial past.

St Just town has a traditional Market Square that is built around the Church that dates back to to the 14th Century and has some medieval wall paintings in it There is also the Selus stone dating from the 6th Century.

St Just is an ideal base to explore West Cornwall with it's bronze age monuments and exciting coastlines. The nearest beaches are Priests Cove and Porth Nanven (pronunced Penanwell) which are mostly rocky although there is some sand on the latter. Porth Nanven is famous for it's raised beach in which stones that were rounded by sea erosion of the tides were raised into the cliff after the last ice age. The stones on the beach are beautifully rounded and smoothed and with the view of the Brisons (which are 2 small rocks a mile or so of the coast) it is a unique setting. The nearest sandy beach is at Sennen which is a short drive away.

St Just has the traditional past of Fishing, Farming, Mining and Methodism with one of the largest Chapels in the county (see picture).This Chapel is an indicator how the populations have changed since the industrial period as the far west was second only to Camborne in the number of mines in the area. This chapel holds upto 600 people and was one of three in the town and there were at least another five within a five mile radius, although most of the others are small.

Nearby monuments include Bollowall Barrow a Bronze Age burial site at Carn Glooze that has Magnificent views of the Cape and of Lands End.

There are also some interesting rock formations in the area. One known as Glares Rocks, Tom Thumb and at Carn Rocks there is another good vantage point of the Western coast and you can see Lands End. In addition to St Just Feast which is held on the nearest weekend to the 1st of November, there is also a Lafrowda day in July, so named as this was the traditional name of an area in the town.

Other features of St Just include a Plein n Gwarry where miracle plays, such as the Ordinalia were performed (see picture) and the granite rocks have holes in them that were the result of miners having drilling competitions.

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