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Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are located about 30 miles off Lands End and there are actually a large number of them, mostly small and uninhabited. The direct connections to the mainland are from Penzance either by the Scillonian III boat or by Helicopter. The other alternative is by light aeroplane from Lands End Airport (Kelynack) or Newquay (which also has connections to Gatwick).

The Isles of Scilly have a very mild climate which enables them to grow flowers early, so this has become one of their main industries.

The islands are tranquil with blue seas, sandy deserted beaches and have been the setting of many novels. Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson used it as his favourite holiday home, although every election, someone would hang up a poster for the opposition on it.

There are six main islands.

St Marys is the principal island with the airport and harbour called Hugh Town. When the Scillonian docks (daily in the winter and twice daily in the summer) there are always small boats waiting to pick up supplies or people to transport them back to the other islands.

If one island sums up the appeal of the Scillys it has to be Tresco, which is renowned for its sub tropical gardens on the south of the island and yet rugged coastline on the North.The gardens feature plants that are native to Australia and south Africa amongst others. Do not be fooled by the fantastic long summer days and assume that the Scilly Islands are always calm and tranquil, as the shipwreck museum with remnants of some of the many shipwrecks on the islands proves otherwise. The middle of Tresco also has a fresh water pool.

Bryher is adjacent to Tresco but has a smaller community. The beaches are completely unspoilt.

St Agnes boasts the most South Westerly pub in the UK, views of the Western Isles and Bishop Rock Lighthouse. There is also a campsite.

St Martins is the most Easterly of the large islands which has a few small galleries on it, a long beach in Wide Bay and a small vineyard.

The Isles of Scilly are a wonderful destination for people who wish to relax in a secluded, beautiful setting.

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